$2M turbo-generator for aircraft

Smiths Industries Aerospace has been awarded a contract to develop and demonstrate a turbo-generator for military aircraft including fighters such as the F-16. The turbo-generator combines simple-cycle Magnetic Bearing Cooling Turbine Technology and Electrical Power Generation.

The US Air Force Research Laboratory’s Propulsion Directorate at Wright Patterson AFB, OH is responsible for the program. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (Ft. Worth, TX) is a key participant with Smiths Industries on this program. This initial development contract is valued at $2M. A second phase of the program would include full qualification and flight test on a military aircraft.

This program integrates the core competencies of three Smiths Industries Aerospace businesses including Barber Colman Aerospace (magnetic bearing cooling turbines), Leland (generators), and Tech Development Inc. (high-speed rotating machinery). Barber Colman Aerospace will manage the program from the Loves Park, IL facility.

The program focuses on rapid technology integration of a combined simple-cycle cooling turbine and generator using Barber Colman’s patented magnetic bearing technology. This system will simultaneously provide supplemental liquid cooling and electrical power to facilitate the application of advanced radar systems for future technology growth on military air vehicles.

Smiths Industries Aerospace are at www.smithsind-aerospace.com.