2MSPS, 16-Bit SAR A/D Converters

Texas Instruments has introduced a pair of 2MSPS (mega-samples per second), 16-bit successive approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADC).

The ADS8411 and ADS8412 feature 16-bit no missing code performance, 175mW power dissipation, and 86dB and 90dB signal-to-noise ratio, respectively. They also integrate an internal reference and reference buffer.

The ADS8411 offers a unipolar, single-ended input range, while the ADS8412 uses unipolar, differential inputs with a bipolar range, which are common to many high-speed ADCs. Both devices offer a full 16-bit interface as well as an 8-bit interface option, which allows data to be read with two 8-bit cycles, if more suitable to the application.

The ADS8411 and ADS8412 come in a 48-lead TQFP package, and are available now from TI and its authorised distributors.

The ADS8411 is priced from $20.95 in 1,000 piece quantities. The ADS8412 is priced from $21.95 in 1,000 piece quantities. Evaluation modules (EVMs) are also available.

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