3D CAD drawings

Parker Instrumentation has added 3D models of its manifold, valve and tube fitting product lines to its website – supporting the rapid growth in usage of 3D CAD.

They are available as direct inserts into a wide range of CAD systems including AutoCAD, Catia, Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, Pro/ENGINEER, TopSolid, TurboCAD, Solid Edge and SolidWorks.

The 3D models are expected to be of particular benefit to equipment builders designing for space-sensitive applications. Included in this category are panel builders and skid builders – especially those producing equipment for offshore applications.

Here, Parker Instrumentation’s 3D models provide an easy means of visualising shapes and clearances, for human factor engineering purposes.

Downloadable 3D models – and 2D drawings – are available for most of Parker Instrumentation’s popular industrial tube fittings, instrumentation valves and manifolds, as well as its range of high-purity valves and fittings fabricated from PTFE/PFA for semiconductor and biopharm applications. High purity regulators and valves will be added to the service shortly.

Parts can be configured before download, typically using simple tick selection techniques.

Go to http://www.parker.com/ipd for industrial products, and http://www.parker.com/partek for high-purity products.