3D catalogues in days

SolidWorks has unveiled the latest version of its 3D PartStream.NET service, which lets component manufacturers publish 3D-enabled Web-based catalogues using a step-by-step process.

3D PartStream.NET version 3.0 arrives out of the box ready to use so manufacturers can create online catalogues integrated with 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models in days rather than months. 3D PartStream.NET allows customers to download 3D CAD models of manufacturers’ products and instantly incorporate those models into their own product designs.

With a 3D-powered catalogue, customers can view products from all angles and configure models based on their specific requirements. Customers can then download models in a wide variety of formats for use in their own product designs, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with finding parts and components from outdated paper-based catalogues and re-modelling them from scratch.

APW Zero Cases are already using 3D PartStream.NET to provide their customers with access to downloadable CAD models for its more than 100,000 different product variations.

‘With 3D PartStream.NET we are able to enhance our existing online catalogue with 3D and allow our customers to interactively view our enclosures with different dimensions such as width, height, and thickness,’ said Sid Magill, international sales leader for APW Ltd.

‘The new features in 3D PartStream.NET will allow us to add new product lines and product configurations instantly without any programming.’

3D PartStream.NET version 3.0’s new Web authoring tool, 3D ProductPage, lets component manufacturers launch 3D-enabled catalogues through a step-by-step process. Manufacturers can use 3D ProductPage to either build a site from scratch, or link an existing online catalogue to 3D CAD images that customers can then configure, view, and download.

3D ProductPage creates a template-driven online catalogue that allows manufacturers to create, deploy, and maintain an online 3D-powered catalog, brand the online catalogue by using a company header and logo, change the online catalogue look and feel with numerous style and layout options. It also allows customers to search by product name, product description, and part number, incorporate configuration, viewing, and downloading capabilities into the site, as well as submit a RFQ (request for quotation) to check pricing.

SolidWorks has enhanced 3D PartStream.NET’s content management tools to give manufacturers more control over their online catalogue content. A new user interface allows manufacturers to upload and manage new product lines faster with features such as the model upload wizard (simplifies model uploading into a database), model previews, and model sorting options.

Manufacturers can use new configuration rules to help customers select the proper product configuration based on dimensions, features, colours, and accessories specific to each product line. New product categorisation enables users to categorise products into a natural product hierarchy.

Search criteria tools allow manufacturers to determine how customers search for products based on product names, part numbers, and product attributes. This helps manufacturers streamline customers’ product searches.

‘3D PartStream.NET 3.0 gives manufacturers the ability to affordably deploy an interactive 3D-powered catalogue in days instead of months. Once they can offer downloadable 3D models over the Internet, they dramatically increase the chance that they’ll get their products designed into their customers’ designs – ultimately resulting in more competitive wins and strengthened customer relationships,’ said Jim Giebutowski, director of content publishing for SolidWorks.