3D for mobiles

ARM and Superscape have developed a 3D software rendering engine for mobile phones, a key element of their new interactive 3D applications platform, Swerve.

ARM has completed the code optimisation of the first preview release of the Superscape Swerve Client Lite, the Swerve entry- level product for handset manufacturers.

The Swerve Client range will be licensed and marketed by ARM to its global network of Partners who include some of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile phones and chip sets.

It is anticipated that ARM will start shipping Swerve Client during Q2 2002. In addition to the engine itself, a package of content creation tools and services will also be available from Superscape.

The Swerve 3D applications platform is comprised of three components: a 3D rendering engine, development tools, and content creation services.

Swerve Client, embedded into the software environment of the mobile phone, provides the platform on which new services can be launched. Swerve Client will be available as part of a Java technology (J2ME compliant) or as a native C++ solution. Swerve has a low ROM footprint, but can deliver 3D experiences in as little as 20 Kbytes of RAM.

Swerve Author enables the creation of interactive 3D objects, scenes and complete applications using patented Swerve techniques. Based on the design tool 3D Studio Max, designers can create content from scratch or build applications using pre-existing assets.

Swerve Applications, a range of ready-made applications for enhanced messaging, gaming and user interfaces, is available from the Superscape Professional Services Group.

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