3D Systems files action against EOS

3D Systems has filed an action in a US District Court against EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems to stop the sales of EOS’ laser sintering systems in the US.

3D Systems has filed an action in the United States District Court, Western District of Texas against EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems (EOS) of Krailling/Munich, Germany to stop the sales of EOS’ laser sintering systems in the US.

3D Systems says that the systems are based on inventions that were developed, patented, and exclusively licensed by the University of Texas at Austin to 3D Systems. Consequently, The University has joined its licensee, 3D Systems, in seeking Injunctive Relief.

EOS recently announced the installation of an EOSINT P700 system in the US. It is the belief of 3D Systems and The University that EOS has ignored the licensed patents and diminished the value of the license by the importation and sale of the EOS P700 system.

3D Systems acquired the rights to the patents in 2001 through the acquisition of DTM Corporation, to whom the patents were exclusively licensed. EOS is not licensed under these patents and therefore it is 3D Systems’ position that EOS does not have the right to be selling in the US.

‘As EOS continues to sell its systems in the US, it is infringing upon 3D Systems’ patent rights. Should the current suit be decided in 3D Systems’ favour, it is our intent to notify US purchasers of EOS’ systems of their infringement and liability and to request that the customers propose a specific remedy for relief to 3D Systems,’ said Brian K. Service, 3D Systems Chief Executive Officer.

‘We understand that vendor choice is an essential part of proliferating and accentuating technology and we support this concept. However, at the same time, 3D Systems has a responsibility to its shareholders and to the UT to ensure they receive adequate recompense for the many years, and considerable investment, involved in creating this intellectual property,’ concluded Service.

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