$45 million for Foster Wheeler

Foster Wheeler South Africa Limited has today been awarded $45 million by Sasol Synfuels Limited for a new waste recycling facility at Sasol’s Secunda operations in South Africa.

Foster Wheeler Ltd announced today that its subsidiary, Foster Wheeler South Africa Limited, has been awarded a $45 million engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCm) contract by Sasol Synfuels Limited for a new waste recycling facility at Sasol’s Secunda operations, South Africa.

This waste recycling facility, with a total investment value of 500 million rand ($75 million), will be the first of its kind in Africa and is the culmination of several years of close collaboration between Foster Wheeler and Sasol.

The new waste recycling facility will treat the waste from the largest coal-to-liquids plant in the world.

‘This exciting and innovative project is the result of close collaboration and positive synergy between Sasol and Foster Wheeler,’ said Mark Meyer, managing director of Foster Wheeler South Africa.

‘This waste management concept is new to South Africa and this project can become a model for environmentally safe operations for other industries throughout the country,’ added Meyer.

In 1997, Foster Wheeler worked with Sasol to deliver a waste minimisation study, which achieved up to 80% reduction in some of the waste streams of the Secunda facility. Today’s EPCm contract follows this successful collaboration.

The waste recycling facility will comprise a wastewater treatment plant, a bioremediation centre and a solidification plant to recycle and reuse materials emanating from Secunda’s waste streams.

What cannot be reasonably reused will be bio-remediated or solidified to render it environmentally safe. Some of these materials will then be recycled as fertilisers, fill material, landfill cover and road base. The waste treatment facility will be operational by the end of 2004.