5000-psi hydraulic pump targets Airbus A380

Eaton Corporation and Airbus have unveiled what they claim is the world’s first 5000-psi commercial aircraft hydraulic pump specifically designed for the Airbus A380.

Using the new 5000-psi standard for fluid power generation on a commercial aircraft, Airbus will achieve significant weight savings because the diameter of the hydraulic fluid lines and the size of the components that operate the aircraft’s primary flight control system will be reduced.

Several of the 5,000-psi hydraulic pumps will begin pre-qualification testing this month. Airbus said the first flight of the A380 with the new hydraulic system will be in late 2004 with commercial service to begin in 2006.

Eight Vickers-brand 5000-psi hydraulic pumps will provide fluid power to the aircraft’s primary flight controls, landing gear, nose wheel steering and other aircraft utility systems. These pumps will also be the first commercial units designed to mechanically disengage from the main engine gearbox, preventing any fluid contamination from entering the hydraulic system, and significantly improving operational availability to the service airline.

The total Eaton system includes eight engine-driven hydraulic pumps per aircraft and four 5000-psi AC motor pumps with associated electronic controls and protection systems. In addition, Eaton was selected to provide the hydraulic fluid distribution technology standard for the A380, including the Aeroquip brand Rynglok tube fitting system and hose products. The company is also supplying components for the isolation and ground service panel, including Sterer brand solenoid valves and Aeroquip brand quick-disconnect couplings. Eaton will also supply Goodrich with the complete main landing gear dressings for the A380.

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