6.25Gbit/sec serial link

Texas Instruments has introduced its first 6.25 Gbit/sec serial link product that will enable faster transmission over legacy system backplanes that currently run up to 3Gbit/secs.

The device, the TLK6B008, has eight 6.25 Gbit/sec bi-directional serial data channels on the sharp end and sixteen 3.125 Gbit/sec serial data channels on the blunt end, providing 100Gbps data throughput.

The receiver uses 4-tap adaptive DFE (Decision Feedback Equalisation) receive equaliser technology, including cancellation of the first post cursor.

The transmitter uses a 4-tap equaliser with fully programmable coefficients at 5-bit resolution. This sophisticated equalisation compensates for ISI and cross talk, which is essential for operating in legacy system environments.

The TLK6B008 comes in a 19×19 pins full-array FC-BGA package with 1mm ball pitch.

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