$60 million for Compass Call upgrades

BAE Systems recently received nearly $60 million in follow-on contracts from the US Air Force for weapon-system upgrades to the EC-130H Compass Call aircraft.

Compass Call is a modified version of the Air Force’s C-130 Hercules aircraft, configured to perform tactical command, control and communications countermeasures.

BAE Systems Information and Electronic Warfare Systems (IEWS) in Nashua, New Hampshire, received $19 million March 24 to complete Block 35 integration upgrades. Under the contract change, BAE Systems will lead a team of contractors to perform additional integration testing, flight testing of the initial aircraft and incorporate new operator control software. The work will be completed in 2005.

BAE Systems also received a $24 million contract on February 16 for Block 35 Lot 4 aircraft upgrades. The system upgrades, due to be completed in 2006, are said to provide increased capabilities to meet a variety of threats.

In addition, the company received a $16 million Prime Mission Engineering Support Services contract on February 17 to perform weapon system mission equipment support services, including logistics and technical support. The work will be completed in 2005.

According to BAE Systems, Compass Call missions are flown primarily in support of tactical air operations but can also provide information warfare capabilities to ground and sea forces. The aircraft employs jamming to prevent communication or degrade the transfer of information essential to an enemy’s command and control.