60% of E-commerce sites to Use Digital Rights Management

By 2002, more than 60 percent of enterprises adopting e-commerce will use some content security tools or services.

By 2002, more than 60 percent of enterprises adopting e-commerce will use some content security tools or services, such as digital rights management (DRM), according to Gartner Group. These findings were presented during Gartner Symposim/ITxpo 2000.

‘The market for secure content delivery over the Internet is just emerging. Routing electronic content securely with encryption, delivery certification and audit trails will allow businesses many benefits, including faster client service and supplier interaction,’ said Alan Weintraub, research director for Gartner.

Enterprise strategies are promoting DRM because they want applications focused on one secure content solution. DRM provides for the persistent protection of digital information over an intranet, extranet or on the Internet. Users are granted only the privileges the media sender allows.

DRM technologies are targeting the music and book industries first as they migrate from traditional distribution of physical media to new, networked, online methods of selling electronic content. DRM offers these publishers and enterprises the ability to control and protect the distribution of their valuable content and thereby maintain their revenue associated with that content. DRM applications will have significant effects on the business-to-business (B2B) as well as the business-to-consumer (B2C) markets. In the B2C area, the challenges will be centred on money and standards. The B2B area will likely recognise the need for protecting their intellectual property but will be challenged with questions focused around infrastructure and spending.

The quickest way for an enterprise to implement a DRM strategy is to outsource the entire operation. The content provider delivers the content to the outsource provider along with the rules that govern access to the information. The outsource provider will encrypt the information, apply the rules, post the information on its Web site, administer financial interaction, and maintain and provide access keys.

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