600W high density DC-DC converter

Power supply solutions specialist Lambda has extended its range of PAF ‘full brick’ DC-DC converters with the introduction of the new 600W PAF60048 series. The series is suitable for high power applications and features a power density of 6.63W/cm3, low noise output and efficiency as high as 90%, in a compact package.

‘The PAF series of DC-DC converters uses Lambda’s combination of ASIC control with zero voltage switching (ZVS) technology, giving three times the power density over more traditional converters. The addition of the PAF60048 to the PAF family, increases the choice of power outputs to now include both 500W and 600W units, ‘ said Edward Wright, Lambda’s business development manager.

The PAF60048 series comprises two converters: a 12V output unit with a maximum output current of 50A, and a 28V output converter with a maximum output current of 21.5A. Both units have a nominal input of 48V DC with a voltage range of 36V to 76V DC, and provide over current protection from 105% to 140% together with over voltage protection from 115% to 135%.

The converters can be connected in series or parallel, allowing a choice of multiple unit configurations. The ‘full-function’ capability of the modules offers a choice of features including remote on/off, IOG signal and remote sense.

The units are suitable for applications such as large computers with distributed power architecture and telecom basestations. With baseplate operating temperatures from -40 degrees C to 100 degrees C and resistance to humidity, the modules are good for tough operating environments.

Among the global safety standards the series complies with are UL1950, CSA950 and EN60950.

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