6900 Spectrum adds new colour to Linx’s Pigmented Range

Linx Printing Technologies’ commitment to providing the broadest range of printer and ink options has been underlined by the launch of the Linx 6900 Spectrum Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer, specially developed for Linx range of pigmented inks including several new types.

Incorporating all the features of the recently launched Linx 6900 model, the Linx 6900 Spectrum is designed to provide simple and reliable operation, whilst delivering consistent high contrast coding with Linx pigmented inks.  Its ink system and printhead are designed to minimise the need for maintenance, in continuous and batch production applications.  The Linx 6900 Spectrum can print up to five lines of text, barcode and graphics with its range of coloured high opacity inks.

The new model offers consistent print quality at line speeds of over 7.2 metres/second, and delivers simple, clean operation even in the harshest conditions.  Its low maintenance and robust design minimises the risk of printer downtime, helping to maximise production output whilst minimising coding costs.  Key features include an intuitive colour user interface with WYSIWYG display and menu system, low-maintenance operation and an attractive curved appearance.

In addition to the Linx 6900 Spectrum, Linx has launched several new pigmented inks, offering improved drying times to enable faster line speeds.  Linx Brilliant white ink 1306 contains a very high pigment content to provide excellent opacity print on a variety of surfaces.  It adheres well to many substrates including polyethylene (PE).  Linx High-opacity grey ink 1311 is designed for applications where previously both white and black inks might have been needed, and is suitable for printing on either light or dark coloured substrates.

The launch of the Linx 6900 Spectrum model underlines Linx’s commitment to producing printers based on ongoing consultation with customers as to their precise coding needs.  “The new model carries all the benefits of the Linx 6900 – maximum uptime, long-term reliability, low cost of ownership and excellent print quality – whilst fulfilling the requirements of companies for whom pigmented inks are critical,” comments Rajiv Narayan, CIJ Product Executive at Linx Printing Technologies.

“Together with the new Linx inks 1306 and 1311, the Linx 6900 Spectrum enables customers to get the best coding results for pigmented inks, whatever properties – be it fast drying, light fastness or compatibility with a particular material – is required.”