7.5kW AC drive

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 40 AC drive from Rockwell Automation uses sensorless vector control making it useful for applications such as incline conveyors, extruders and constant torque pumps.

Suitable for applications up to 7.5 kW, it is equipped with configurable I/O and has the ability to perform basic logic, timer and counter functions.

Performing these functions on the drive instead of with a micro controller reduces both wiring and hardware costs. In addition, the drive can perform many other functions such as PID and flying start.

To simplify programming, the PowerFlex 40 has an integral keypad with the 10 most commonly programmed parameters grouped together. If PC programming is preferred, the drive’s integral RS485 communications can be used along with Allen-Bradley’s DriveExplorer and DriveExecutive configuration and monitoring software.

The drive is also designed to accommodate internally mounted communication option cards, such as DeviceNet and features both DIN rail and panel mounting options.

Overall panel space can be reduced using the drive’s Zero Stacking capability, which allows drives to be mounted side by side.

To comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements, an integral filter (for single phase drives) and piggy back mounted external filters (for three phase ratings) can be used.

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