80 GB Hard Drive

Maxtor has established a new world’s record in hard drive capacity with its new 80 GB drive, the DiamondMax 80.

Available in August 2000, the DiamondMax 80 IDE hard drive is suitable for storage-intensive applications that require high-capacity and fast transfer rates in personal computer (PC) systems, and for consumer electronics and network attached storage (NAS) systems.

“The DiamondMax 80 drive is also seeing interest from traditional enterprise class storage customers due to the advantages of Maxtor’s drive capacity and IDE’s cost and simplicity,” said Mike Cannon, president and CEO of Maxtor. “Maxtor has driven IDE drive capacity, in a 1-inch height, beyond 1.6-inch SCSI capacity for the first time.”

Leading the IDE high-capacity segment, the DiamondMax 80 is a four platter, 20 GB per platter hard drive solution. At 5400 RPM, the drive is capable of transferring data at rates up to 100 MB per second.

Major OEMs will be evaluating the DiamondMax 80 in late July.

More information about Maxtor and its products can be found at http://www.maxtor.com