802.11G baseband solution

Conexant Systems has introduced a new IEEE 802.11g industry standard compliant baseband processor with an integrated media access controller (MAC).

The new chip can be used in a variety of products including wireless access points, routers, Ethernet adapters and network interface cards for personal computers.

The CX85510 supports data rates of up to 54 Mbit/sec, the 802.11i security protocol, and has been designed to meet quality of service (QoS) standards for simultaneous transmission of voice, video and data. It is backward compatible with products and networks based on the 802.11b standard, which allows users to achieve the higher speed benefits provided by 802.11g using their existing infrastructure.

The device supports PCI 2.2/2.3, mini-PCI and 32-bit Cardbus host interfaces. The advanced radio interface supports automatic gain control (AGC) and antenna diversity, which allows designers to select from a variety of proven radios and use the one that best fits their needs. The device also allows manufacturers to directly connect with Conexant’s ADSL and cable modem semiconductor solutions.

The CX85510 includes on-chip SRAM which eliminates the need for external memory. This enables manufacturers to reduce system cost and the amount of space required for the layout of system components.

The chip is sampling today with production scheduled for November. It is packaged in a compact 13mm x 13mm 185-pin flat pack ball grid array (FPBGA) and priced at $12.00 in quantities of 100,000.

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