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JLR unveils 3D printed protective glove

Engineers at Jaguar Land Rover have produced a 3D printed protective glove that could help protect production staff from workplace injuries. Developed at  JLR’s Gaydon site – home to one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the UK – the glove is based on a  lightweight lattice structure optimised to provide support to reduce […]

JLR trials chemical recycling for I-Pace component

Jaguar Land Rover is working with BASF on a new project to trial upcycled plastic components on the carmaker’s I-Pace vehicle.  The ChemCycling project involves BASF transforming domestic plastic waste into pyrolysis oil using a thermochemical process. The pyrolysis oil then replaces fossil fuels as the feedstock for creating new plastic products. According to BASF, […]

JLR challenge targets next generation of coders

Jaguar Land Rover has been unearthing tomorrow’s software engineer’s by challenging them to write code for self-driving vehicles. The Land Rover 4×4 In Schools Technology Challenge saw teenagers writing around 200 lines of code in just 30 minutes, to successfully navigate a scale model Range Rover Evoque around a 5.7-metre circuit. This year 110 students […]

JLR connected tech helps drivers avoid red lights

Jaguar Land Rover is trialling a new Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) technology that prompts drivers with the correct speed to avoid upcoming red lights. According to JLR, the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) technology could help improve the flow of traffic as well as reduce emissions that result from harsh braking and acceleration at junctions. The […]

JLR announces two-week Solihull shutdown

Jaguar Land Rover is to shut its Solihull manufacturing plant for two weeks in October in response to weakening demand from the Chinese market. The plant will cease operations on October 22nd, though workers will continue to be paid for the duration of the shutdown. The news follows shortly on the back of a decision […]

JLR workers moved to three-day week in light of ‘Brexit chaos’

Around 1,000 workers at Jaguar Landrover’s Castle Bromwich plant will move to a three-day week following a review of the company’s production schedules. According to JLR, the move at Castle Bromwich – where F-TYPE, XJ, XF and XE models are produced – will ‘ensure market demand is balanced globally’. “In light of the continuing headwinds […]

JLR uses virtual eyes on driverless pods for pedestrian trust trials

Jaguar Land Rover is experimenting with virtual eyes on driverless pods to communicate vehicle intent to pedestrians crossing the road.  According to JLR, 63 per cent of pedestrians have reservations about road safety when autonomous vehicles become more prevalent. Engineers from the carmaker have been working with cognitive psychologists to study how people interact at […]

Discovery production moved to Slovakia as JLR eyes Solihull job cuts

Jaguar Land Rover is moving all production of its Discovery model to Slovakia, with job losses expected at the company’s Solihull plant as a result. (Credit: Vauxford via CC) Currently manufactured across both sites, the Discovery will be wholly produced in Slovakia from next year. JLR says the move is part of a long-term strategy that […]

J H Lavender joins select band of JLRQ awardees

J H Lavender has become the only privately owned manufacturer of aluminum gravity and pressure die castings in Britain to be awarded a JLRQ Award, the quality trust mark for Jaguar Land Rover. The award recognises the West Midlands’ company’s efforts in delivering high levels of performance in relation to quality, cost and on time […]