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Low-power beam makes laser-induced graphene

Scientists have made laser-induced graphene with a low-power laser mounted in a scanning electron microscope, an advance expected to lead to the wider commercial production of flexible electronics and sensors. The process creates Laser-induced graphene (LIG) with features over 60 per cent smaller than the macro version of the material and almost 10 times smaller […]

Flash graphene process turns ‘trash into treasure’

Any form of carbon-based matter can be transformed into so-called flash graphene with a process that heats carbon-containing materials to 3,000K for 10 milliseconds. The advance from the Rice University lab of James Tour can reportedly convert a ton of coal, food waste or plastic into graphene for a fraction of the cost used by […]

Texas team turns graphene into bacteria-killing filter

Chemists from Rice University use laser-induced graphene to build self-sterilising filters Laser-induced graphene (LIG) was developed in the laboratory of James Tour, a chemist at Rice University in Houston, Texas in 2014. Made by heating the surface of a sheet of the engineering plastic polyimide with an industrial laser cutter, LIG can be used to […]

Sculpted graphene foam shapes up for batteries and sensors

Texas team devise method to make three-dimensional objects from graphene foam Graphene has often been touted as the ultimate two-dimensional material. However, chemists at Rice University in Houston, Texas, have devised a method for making and sculpting three-dimensional blocks of graphene foam. The soft, porous solids can be used as supports for components of batteries […]

Laser technique turns wood into graphene

Scientists at Rice University have developed a method of forming a thin coat of laser-induced graphene (LIG) on the surface of wood. (Credit: Tour Group/Rice University) The research, described in the journal Advanced Materials, could lead to the development of biodegradable electronics. A standard industrial laser is used for the process, operating at room temperature. […]

Antibacterial graphene halts growth of biofilms

Scientists in the US and Israel have found that laser-induced graphene is an effective anti-fouling material and can eliminate bacteria when electrified. Laser-induced graphene (LIG) is a spongy version of graphene that was developed three years ago in the Rice University lab of chemist James Tour. To create LIG, a sheet of polyimide sheet is […]

Flexible generators turn movement into energy

Tiny graphene-based nanogenerators could be used to power future wearable technology researchers in the US have claimed. Developed by a group at Rice University in Texas the devices exploit the properties of laser-induced graphene (LIG) a graphene foam produced when chemicals are heated on the surface of a polymer or other material with a laser. […]

Salinity sensor provides long view of oceanic health

Salinity levels provide clues about the health of oceans and their inhabitants but measuring dissolved salts is challenging because of corrosion and biofouling. Now, a team at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) in Saudi Arabia has developed a flexible, lightweight and robust salinity sensor that can be attached to aquatic animals for […]