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Manchester duo give perovskite cells double boost

Two researchers at Manchester University have made a discovery that makes perovskite solar cells more environmentally friendly while also improving efficiency. Perovskite cells are generally less efficient than their traditional silicon counterparts, but the gap has been closing in recent years. In relative terms, perovskite cells are easier to manufacture and can be mass-produced via […]

Circuits added to fabrics with perovskites and inkjet printing

Medical fabrics that deliver drugs or monitor wounds could be manufactured more efficiently with a method involving perovskites and an inkjet printing process. The breakthrough by Oregon State University researchers will allow circuits to be applied with precision, and at low processing temperatures, directly onto cloth. The team, including Rutgers University researchers, believe their solution […]

KAUST team roll on with solar perovskite production

Researchers have developed a perovskite ink tailor-made slot-die coating, producing perovskite solar cells (PSCs) that capture solar energy with high efficiency. According to the team at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), they were also able to coat the ink onto textured silicon, creating the ‘very first slot-die coated silicon-perovskite monolithic tandem solar […]

UK project to advance organic and perovskite solar cells

A UK project has been launched to advance organic and perovskite solar cells into applications that current solar technologies cannot accommodate.  The £6m EPSRC-funded project involves a team of researchers at Swansea University, Imperial College London and Oxford University plus input from 12 industry partners. Swansea team on a roll with printed perovskite solar cells […]

Swansea team on a roll with printed perovskite solar cells

Researchers have reported the highest efficiency recorded for full roll-to-roll printed perovskite solar cells, an advance marking a key step toward cheaper and more efficient ways of generating solar energy. A team at Swansea University’s SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre, led by Professor Trystan Watson, has reported using a roll-to-roll fabrication method for four layers […]

Stabilised halide perovskites promise better solar panels

Researchers have inhibited the ion movement in halide perovskites, an advance that could unlock their use for more efficient solar panels as well as electronic devices. As well as inhibiting ion movement, a Purdue University-led research team has also found that halide perovskites can stack together to form heterostructures that would allow a device to […]

Halide perovskites show promise as thermoelectric material

Researchers in London have developed new thermoelectric materials that could provide a low-cost option for converting heat into electricity. Halide perovskites have been proposed as affordable alternatives to existing thermoelectric materials, but research into their suitability for thermoelectric applications has been limited. 3D-printed thermoelectric device sets new records Printed thermoelectric devices to power wearables using […]

Back-contact perovskite solar cells target greater efficiency

Solar cells could become more efficient and cheaper to mass produce as a result of an EPSRC-funded research project at St Andrew’s University. The project, led by research fellow Dr Jonathon Harwell of the university’s physics and astronomy department, aims to develop a back-contact perovskite cell, improving efficiency and making the cells easier to mass […]

Perovskite solar cells have new potential thanks to materials study

Researchers in Saudi Arabia have used computational modelling to determine the best materials for perovskite solar cells, an advance that could add commercial viability to the promising power source. Perovskite solar cells can be cheaper and easier to produce compared to silicon solar cells, but they lack long-term stability, and this has hindered their progress. […]