A 2-chip ADSL solution

A new 16-port, multi-service ADSL central office (CO) chipset has been introduced by Texas Instruments.

The AC7 chipset, as it is called, is TI’s seventh-generation CO solution. It supports multi-service and multi-standard ADSL, including legacy protocols, as well as ADSL2 and ADSL2plus.

Included among the features in AC7 are support of reach-extended ADSL2 (G.992.3 Annex L), enhanced-upstream operation enabling upstream bit rates over POTS as high as 3.5 Mbps (G.992.3 Annex J and G.992.5 Annexes J and L). Each of these standards and operational modes can be supported from any port on a single linecard with software provisioning.

The AC7 is expected to begin sampling in 4Q 2003 with full production expected in early 2004.

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