A better vision

VisionPro from Cognex Corporation is an ActiveX-based software development environment that speeds the deployment of vision systems.

VisionPro provides a drag-and-drop graphical interface for prototyping vision applications using ActiveX controls. Once configured, these controls are easily converted into Visual Basic, where they can be used directly in a deployable application.

Customised solutions can also be developed using Visual Basic or C++. VisionPro’s COM/ActiveX software architecture enables third party components for process control, I/O, and machine control to be added to the vision application.

‘Going from the proof-of-concept stage to getting a completed system up and running on a customer’s plant floor can take us up to a month with C++ programming,’ said John Lee from Zmation, a Portland, Oregon-based automation systems integration firm. ‘With VisionPro, it will take less than a week due to its ActiveX compliance.’

VisionPro is available on a variety of Cognex frame grabbers, including the company’s new digital frame grabber, as well as packaged systems that require no PC. Each system features a library of Cognex vision software tools, including the company’s PatMax technology for locating objects despite changes in angle, scale, or appearance.

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