A boost for reverse engineering

Reverse engineering, concept modelling and inspection system Surfacer from Imageware has now been upgraded to Version 9.0. The surface design software provides new tools to both increase productivity and simplify operation.

An enhanced operator interface provides users with an intelligent, object-centric menu that ensures only valid operations can be applied in any given modelling situation.

Surfacer V9.0 provides users with a wide range of free-form surface generation methods, either from curves, surfaces or point cloud data. The system’s flexibility enables digital data files of any size to be manipulated simply, quickly and effectively. In addition, a single ‘rapid surfacing’ command generates best fit surfaces to scanned data at predetermined tolerance levels.

An automatic `register and compare’ command provides a direct comparison of CAD models, comparing them either to point cloud data or to other product data files, with an instant colour map output.

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