A bootroom to boardroom view of business data

Intellution has announced the launch of VisiconX – a software tool allowing users to view real-time plant floor data without the need for programming.

VisiconX is a truly pan-enterprise analytical tool providing companies with the ability to quickly run complex queries against any plant database, then incorporate the data for use in business reports. This tool allows users to obtain and group data from any relational database in the operation. Information for disparate systems can be brought together quickly and viewed in a variety of easy-to-understand formats in a matter of minutes.

VisiconX is a set of ActiveX controls designed to enhance and extend the graphic intuitive power of the Intellution WorkSpace with the newest Microsoft technology ADO and OLE DB.

Whilst most other products may offer universal database access, they almost all require substantial scripting in visual Basic, C++, SQL commands or custom programming. VisiconX breaks the mould because it can communicate with with both relational and non-relational databases without needing programming or scripting.

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