A chip for displays

Analog Devices has released its newest data converter with dual analog and digital interfaces for high-speed, UXGA (ultra extended graphics array) flat-panel displays.

State-of-the-art flat panel displays must work with analog signals from legacy PCs and at the same time be compatible with the high-definition digital signals of newer computer and entertainment systems.

To help display manufacturers economically bridge the analog/digital divide, the AD9887A’s analog and digital interfaces are optimised to support resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 at 60 Hz, and all HDTV formats.

To achieve this, the analog interface combines a 170-MHz triple ADC (analog-to-digital converter) with a low-jitter PLL (phase locked loop). It also features variable analog-bandwidth control, allowing the input impedance to be matched with the resolution of the incoming graphics signal.

This prevents noise distortion, eliminates external filter components, and delivers the best possible image quality by accommodating the fast slew input rate necessary for UXGA resolution and lower bandwidths suitable for lower-resolution displays. It also features integrated sync processing for composite sync and sync-on-green (SOG) applications, mid-scale clamping for HDTV (YPbPr signals), and 4:2:2 output formatting for component video applications.

The digital interface is fully compatible with the DVI version 1.0 industry standard to ensure compatibility for the growing market of liquid crystal displays (LCD), projectors and high-definition televisions (HDTV).

The AD9887A also supports the HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content protection) standard for transmitting and receiving digital entertainment content between DVI-compliant devices.

Pin-to-pin compatible with Analog Devices’ AD9887, the AD9887A comes in a 160-lead MQFP (metric quad flat pack) surface-mount plastic package designed for application from 0 degrees C to +70 degrees C. The AD9887A-170 MHz is priced at $17.75 in 1,000-piece quantities. Also available are 140-MHz and 100-MHz versions priced at $10.90 and $9.54, respectively, in 1,000-piece quantities.

Samples and evaluation kits are available now.

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