A ‘CLASSy’ Suspension System

LiquidSpring Technologies (LST) of Santa Fe Springs, California, has developed a patented hydraulic suspension system that replaces a vehicles’ springs, shock absorbers and stabilisers with a complete system whereby the fluid itself is the spring/damping medium.

This unique system, with the aid of an onboard computer, is able to change the spring stiffness by changing the volume of the compressible fluid, automatically and instantaneously according to road conditions and driver technique, over a broad range (up to several thousand percent) while the vehicle is driven.

CLASS reduces resonant vibration and eliminates the undesirable handling characteristics of a conventional suspension system. CLASS can instantaneously change the spring rate at each corner by several thousand percent, independent of load or deflection.

The use of a compressible fluid as a dampening medium is not new. What makes CLASS new is the patented way in which it changes spring stiffness. The system includes a CPU located in the onboard control module, which processes thousands of signals each second that are transmitted from sensors. The system detects variations in steering to adjust vehicle yaw and signals from each wheel to control body roll. Also, a brake sensor is used to reduce dive and increase control during emergency situations. Each of these sensors contributes to the overall system, creating a higher degree of driver control and provides a safe and comfortable ride for passengers.

For more information about LiquidSpring Technologies contact Richard Cook, Director of Sales & Marketing 417-865-9077, or via e-mail at info@liquidspring.com (Email:info@liquidspring.com)