A cleaner way to stop squeaks

One of the final steps in vehicle door handle assembly at FKI Automotive involves greasing the spring on the back of the part to ensure smooth operation and prevent squeaks. Under the original method, assembly operators would dip a brush into a small container of grease and apply it to the coils.

A product specialist from EFD, noticing the brushes and containers of grease, asked if spraying had been considered, and offered to demonstrate EFD’s Model 780S valve.

Measuring 102mm long and 25mm in diameter, the valve uses two separate air inputs for controlled application. The first input, at 70psi, opens the valve. The second input uses much lower pressure in this instance 20psi to apply the material and eliminate over-spray.

A compact Valvemate controller mounted near the valve allows the deposit size to be adjusted and feed lines to be filled and purged right at the dispensing point, without stopping production or re-programming.

Two systems are installed at the stations on the assembly lines. Pallets stop under the valves while a precise amount of grease is applied a process that takes less than 0.5s. At the end of the cycle the EFD controller signals the host controller and the pallet moves on.

Besides eliminating rework and clean-up, automating the greasing process has increased output.

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