A cool solution for hot tyres

Pirelli tyres required an energy efficient cooling system that could accurately maintain the temperature of process water at 18 degrees C and ensure no impurities were present that could affect its new tyre manufacturing process. Spirax Sarco have installed a skid mounted cooling package, comprising a 4,000 litre tank, temperature controls, a heat exchanger, chiller unit and strainer with accessories.

The system uses Pirelli’s factory water supply to control the temperature of the water for the manufacturing process by passing it through the secondary side of the heat exchanger. Temperature sensors on the cooling water feed and return lines measure the temperature of the factory water. If the water temperature rises above 16.5 degrees C, the chiller is activated and two and three port valves are configured to form a cooling circuit to ensure that the correct amount of chilled factory water is circulated through the heat exchanger. Once the factory water temperature has reached 16.2 degrees C, the chiller is switched off and the valves are re-configured to return the factory water back to the feedtank. John Wilson, plant services engineer at Pirelli commented: “Using our factory water supply to cool the process water has minimised the need to have the chiller in constant operation.”

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