A first for resistors

Vishay has released the VSMP1206 surface-mount, Bulk Metal Z-foil resistor, the first device to combine a power rating of 300 mW and load life stability of 0.01%.

Vishay Intertechnology today announced the release of the VSMP1206 surface-mount, Bulk Metal Z-foil resistor, the first device to combine a power rating of 300mW, load life stability of 0.01%, and a low nominal TCR of +/-0.5 ppm/degrees C in a surface-mount package.

Under varying ambient temperatures and current loads, the Bulk Metal Z-foil technology that Vishay pioneered is said to offer a level of stability more than an order of magnitude better than competing technologies. Vishay says that the use of Z-foil reduces changes in resistance caused by current variation in power resistors and current-sensing resistors with low TCR and thermal resistance, allowing for much-improved measurement capabilities.

The Z-foil technology provides a low and predictable +/-0.5 ppm/degrees C TCR nominal. At its high power rating of 300 mW at 70 /degrees C, the VSMP1206 has a low load life stability of +/-0.01%, and +/-0.005% load life stability at 200 mW. Conventional full wrap-around robust terminations reportedly ensure safe handling during the manufacturing process and stability during a lifetime of thermal cycles.

The VSMP1206 has a resistance range of 10 W to 30 kW and tight tolerance to +/-0.01%. Tighter tolerances are available by request.

Because of the improved performance that results from the use of Bulk Metal Z-foil, the VSMP1206 is said to be well-suited for precision analogue applications in industrial, medical, military, and airborne end products including metering systems, head-up displays, and electron beam systems.

A voltage divider can be fashioned by using two arbitrarily selected VSMP1206 resistors with a resultant tracking specification of less than 3 ppm/degrees C, or even below 1 ppm/degrees C upon request.

The VSMP1206 is a surface-mount chip resistor measuring 0.126″ by 0.062″ (3.20 mm by 1.57 mm) with a 0.025″ (0.64-mm) height profile, maximum weight of 11 mg, and choice of lead-free or tin/lead alloy terminals. Its small size and surface-mount construction allows designers to easily upgrade existing designs.

Available in waffle-pack and tape-and-reel packaging, samples and production quantities of the VSMP1206 resistor are available now. Lead time for production quantities is approximately six weeks.

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