A flashy alliance

Cisco, Compaq and Philips Semiconductors are among fourteen companies who have joined an alliance to develop mobile Internet solutions based on flash-OFDM technoology.

With flash-OFDM, the users experience an ‘always-on’ broadband desktop experience in a fully mobile Wide Area Network (WAN), just like they do today on their corporate LAN or at home with a broadband connection, without limitations to content, security or applications.

‘This alliance of companies behind flash-OFDM shows a real momentum behind the technology,’ said Allen Nogee, senior analyst with Cahners In-Stat/MDR. ‘A packet-switched, IP-based mobile broadband system such as flash-OFDM is the future of mobile Wide Area Networks.’

Flarion’s flash-OFDM mobile broadband system is a packet-switched radio access network that seamlessly transports IP services over-the-air from an IP network to a user device. With its Quality of Service (QoS) feature at the flash-OFDM RadioRouter, mobile operators can offer tiered class-of-service and ensure efficient use of the network in a flat-rate billing business model. Any laptop, personal digital assistant (PDA) or other IP-enabled device can be unwired by simply plugging in a flash-OFDM PC Card – with no changes to the IP protocol, applications, devices, or content.

The Flarion Alliance program members are supporting market trials of the flash-OFDM mobile broadband system. Flash-OFDM user modems are plug-and-play compatible with existing IP devices, operating systems, applications and broadband content.