A flexible plan to plot and scan at the same time

Flexibility is the name of the game in the document imaging arena and this is precisely what the latest offering from Reprostream promises. On display at ICAT will be the ReproPlot 3200/3500 copier/plotter/scanner, which is a combination of hardware and software that can be configured as either a plotter with local or workstation control, or as a plotter/scanner/copier by the addition of a scanner unit. If scan-to-file is the only requirement, the scan module can be supplied on its own.

Engineers can send plans directly to the plotter, or build libraries of scanned drawings for projects, which can then be distributed to other departments on a network. The plotter prints a 6m/min up to A0 width and above (36in maximum) and holds three rolls of media from a choice of opaque and tracing paper and film.

An in-line folder provides a useful solution to plan distribution. Because the 3200/3500 can plot and scan simultaneously, it resolves bottlenecks that occur with many copier/plotter/scanner systems.