A golden spring

Jewellery manufacturers require a very high standard of components. A British manufacturer measures up.

The largest manufacturer of gold and jewellery in the Middle East and one of the largest in the world, relies on miniature springs in clasps and locks for its range of high class jewellery. They use over one million per year.

Based in Saudi Arabia, L’Azurde for Gold and jewellery produces rings, bracelets, earrings and full sets from a number of factories. One specialises in diamond manufacturing in small sets of jewellery for children, and another in marriage and graduation rings. The company uses almost 16tonnes of gold a year.

Harris Springs supplies over one million springs a year to L’Azurde in a delivery process that takes no more than two weeks from the date of order. The tiny springs are just 8mm long with a diameter of 0.76mm and are used in the mechanisms that clasp and lock different items of jewellery such as bracelets and broaches. The torsion springs provide the small amount of pressure needed to open and close the locks.

Mr Mohammed Al Mousa, L’Azurde’s materials manager says: @What satisfies me most about the quality of Harris Springs is that we never have any complaints about them from our production sites.’

The high class image of the company’s products and brand name means it can accept only the best from its suppliers. Mr Mohammed Al Mousa comments: ‘We are very pleased that the rejection rate on the springs is negligible. This proves the value of using Harris Springs.’

Harris Springs. Tel: 01734 340024