A new approach to certification

The Welding Institute’s certification division, TWI Certification, has introduced a new service to help fabricators achieve global recognition through company certification. Certification to ISO9000 is now well established, and many thousands of companies have achieved it. But where significant use is made of a special process like welding, ISO9000 certification may not provide the demonstration of company capability a customer requires.

Certificates to EN729 `Quality Requirements for Welding’ (also published as ISO3834) can overcome this shortfall, and boost the manufacturing/fabricating company’s ability to sell its products in domestic and overseas markets.

Accredited by UKAS, TWI Certification is offering a one-stop service for customers – the only scheme of its kind in the UK authorised for EN729 certification by the European Welding Federation. ISO9000 certification is also available, and any existing ISO9000 certification can be moved to TWI if required.