A new breed of mouse

Researchers at Loughborough University’s Department of Computer Science have developed a computer mouse that senses how hard and how long the user clicks the mouse button for.

Research has shown that stressed users tend to click the mouse button harder, and it is thought that this new mouse, used with future software able to adapt a computer’s behaviour, could help to reduce stress levels.

Being able to alert users to excessively hard clicking could also help to eliminate potentially injurious habits and, and lower the incidence of repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

‘Computer games and other types of software could also benefit from the mouse,’ says Michael Macauly of the design team. ‘…….the mouse provides increased sensitivity and could be used with games that involve the control of speed, fire-power or movement, or with drawing applications, where a variation in pencil thickness is needed.’

The mouse has been developed through simple modifications to the conventional design, and combines traditional aesthetic features with more advanced electronics and mechanics.

The design team is currently on the look out for companies interested in collaborating on the project and helping to bring it to market.