A new concept in sensor technology

Based on the principle of magnetic induction, Inductcoder from Encoder Technology is an original sensor which offers excellent repeatability, high resolution, high accuracy and quick response.

This development has resulted from sponsorship and support from both the Government and major names in the engineering industry. Now available in the UK, Inductcoder has already been adopted by some of the world’s leading machinery and systems manufacturers. Typically an absolute resolution of 222 (i.e. 20 bit) can be achieved with an ultra small rotary Inductcoder sensor of only 10mm diameter!

Inductcoder is a digital absolute system which comprises a detecting element – a combination of magnetic coil and ferromagnetic material – and a conversion element. This converts mechanical deviation to the phase difference between the input and output signals and establishes position by measuring time. This position data output is refreshed at every scan, 1 – KHz=1/100000 sec., and is interpolated further up to 1/100000 sec x 1/128 to provide an even faster response.

Thanks to the phase-difference detecting system, the relationship between amplitude and cable length does not need to be considered. Accordingly Inductcoder has good repeatability. Minimal temperature drift is assured as compensation for any fluctuation is automatic and as the sensor uses an ac magnetic circuit there is no hysteresis.

The device may be specified to suit a wide range of applications including the control of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Automated semiconductor production is also a prime market for the new sensor. As its detecting element consists of only magnetic coils, Inductcoder is resistant to vibration, shock, oil, dust and extremes of temperature.

Standard options include rotary, linear, wire, stroke detection, linear gauge and strain gauge types. Inductcoder is maintenance-free and has an analogue output – 0 to 10V, 4 to 20mA – and digital output, including parallel and series – RS232C, RS422 and CAN-Bus; an incremental and absolute encoder high resolution signal is also available. Intelligent outputs for velocity, acceleration, multi-switch and diagnostic signal may also be specified.

More information at www.encoder-technology.com