A new standard in linear bearings

Enhanced lubrication and maintenance free operation on INA’s new KS and KX linear ball bearings is achieved by careful design of the bearing housing which provides lubrication reservoirs directly adjacent to the raceways. Lubrication is also sealed against outside contamination by means of integral double-lip wipers which retain the grease inside the bearing.

They are also fitted with a segmented configuration of recirculating balls which provide adjustment against misalignment and help prolong operating life. These segments contain two rows of recirculating balls and are independently self-aligning, ensuring consistent ball recirculation and a smooth, uniform travel of the balls from the return channel into the load zone. As a result, the bearings run uniformly and smoothly on the shaft, even under tilting, thereby contributing to a longer operating life. The bearings are also available in open designs (series KSO and KXO), suitable for use with shafts mounted on a support rail, which is necessary where shaft deflection may cause problems.

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