A quick stick with external mix technology

With Permabond’s external mix technology, the company’s 671 two-part structural acrylic adhesive can be thoroughly blended and applied without the use of a static mixing nozzle. The system helps boost productivity, improve reliability and cut waste, since there is no need to replace or purge any static mixers.

According to Permabond, compared to conventional head-on-head systems, the external mix technology provides higher performance and reliability. With the external mix system, the adhesive is blended as it is applied to the bonding surface, so you know you have got a good mix when you clamp your components. By contrast, Permabond says with bead-on-bead systems, the adhesive may not mix properly.

In addition, with the external mix system, Permabond 671 cures at room temperature and achieves a handling strength in less than 60s, filling gaps of up to 2.5mm.

Gaps do not cause a problem with the external mix system because the 671 adhesive is blended prior to production.

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