A quiet life

A new research centre has been set up to help combat the environmental issue of aircraft noise by identifying quiet solutions for future airliners.

The Airbus Noise Technology Centre at Southampton University will work to find ways to reduce the noise generated by airliners.

For many years, the university has collaborated with Airbus on a range of noise research and development projects and the Airbus Noise Technology Centre, which was formally launched on 3 November, consolidates the relationship between the two organisations.

The centre’s immediate goal is to work towards the target set for the airline industry by the Advisory Council for Aeronautical Research in Europe, to cut perceived noise in half by 2020 and eliminate all noise nuisances outside airport boundaries.

The new centre, led by Prof Xin Zhang, brings together academic staff, research fellows and PhD students using computer simulations and wind tunnel testing to develop new noise reduction concepts.

Undergraduate students will also work with the research team, providing exciting projects to stimulate the next generation of engineers.