A revolution transmission

Ocean Blue, a specialist digital television software company, has launched the first software that allows viewers to receive HD, digital and analogue transmissions on a single chip.

The new generation of chipsets will enable integrated digital televisions to operate on a dual set-up process via a single user interface. The software will include the capacity to help tackle the problem of standby power consumption by monitoring and changing electrical devices to operate on a more efficient energy saving mode.

The multi-purpose software also provides inbuilt power-saving features and plug-in USB devices, all of which operate on a single internal chipset.

By combining multiple broadcast types and functions in this way, the company believes that development time and costs will be reduced for the next generation of HD televisions.

Ken Helps, chief executive at Ocean Blue, said: ‘High definition will be the hottest broadcast technology of 2009 and the single chipset solution for televisions will be the panacea. Standards such as DVB-T2 have only been finalised this summer.’

The software is based on Ocean Blue’s Sunrise DVB, with variations including terrestrial (DVB-T), satellite (DVB-S) and hand-held (DVB-H).