A smart way to navigate the city

Trafficmaster and Motorola have teamed up to launch their new Smartnav traffic navigation system in the UK.

The Smartnav system combines navigation and mobile telephony technologies from Motorola with Trafficmaster’s incident traffic information to deliver route guidance to drivers. It also provides a personal assistant service offering security support, emergency service liaison and booking service for flowers, wine and champagne.

Motorola’s navigation application makes the driver’s life simpler by wirelessly transmitting traffic-dependent, turn-by-turn directions to in-vehicle devices and mobile phones. In conjunction with the navigation software, Trafficmaster will deliver personalised, location specific route guidance as well.

Smartnav incorporates a number of features that, its makers claim, set it apart from other navigation systems on the market. At the push of a button the driver is connected to a virtual ‘personal assistant’ (PA). Smartnav is able to confirm the location of the vehicle and the virtual PA will enter a destination or an instruction into the navigation server. The cellular call ends after the route is received, and Smartnav then provides automated turn-by-turn verbal instructions along the route to guide you to your destination.

Smartnav stores maps and calculates routes using central Motorola server software based at Trafficmaster’s headquarters, unlike other systems that rely on information stored on a CD. This ensures that map and point-of-interest information can be updated regularly and motorists are not responsible for purchasing new CDs to maintain accurate information.

When a route is calculated and sent to a car from the Motorola server software, it takes into account the quickest and easiest route using Trafficmaster’s traffic information.

With the addition of Route Guard, an application that proactively monitors traffic congestion, drivers are alerted to problems and are given the option to choose an alternative route to avoid traffic delays.

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