A view of the cockpit

Goodrich Corporation has been selected by Airbus to provide cockpit door video surveillance systems for all Airbus production aircraft platforms.

The systems will provide real-time video monitoring of the cockpit door entry and forward galley areas to flight crews.

Production system deliveries will begin this month. In addition to installations on new aircraft, the award could generate substantial revenue for the retrofit of aircraft currently in the active fleet.

The cockpit door video surveillance system consists of a colour display with integrated video computer, three video cameras and a system controller. An infrared light source built into the video cameras allows video monitoring in 0.0-lux lighting conditions.

The system can be expanded to passenger cabin monitoring through the use of an ARINC 600-style video computer capable of up to 16 additional video and audio inputs, and 4 additional video outputs.

Goodrich was also selected by Airbus to provide a passenger cabin video monitoring system for an undisclosed A340-500 customer this past November. This system is designed to provide real-time cabin video monitoring of the first-class passenger cabin during takeoff and landing.