A Virtual DESIGN team

Having made its Mechanical Design Division a subsidiary and renamed it Cocreate, HP is busy making its SolidDesigner mechanical CAD software suitable for engineering teams who are not necessarily located in the same place.

One new module dubbed `Dynamic Relations’ is intended to allow the engineer to convey design intent to another team member as it evolves. The user defines relationships between parts and assemblies, giving them a certain intelligence. The relationships can be updated, deleted or added at any time, and the nature of the relationships is flexible. They can be based on values, logic or formulae. The module updates the relationship when it is changed or if the geometry of a part is changed.

A three-dimensional viewing, annotation and conferencing module allows a group of engineers to work simultaneously in a `virtual world’ using computer video conferencing. They can see one view of the model and individual annotations as if they were all looking at the same screen.

The two new modules work with the latest release of SolidDesigner, version 4.5, which also has two new parts libraries to speed up the design process.

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