A wizard at stats

A free CD-Rom for PCs will allow engineers who are interested in scientific graphing and analysis software, as well as statistical software, to try out the products from Jandel Scientific Software. SigmaPlot is a scientific worksheet and has a large selection of 2D and 3D plot types.

To simplify the choice of graph, Dr Edward Tufte’s (author of `The Visual Display of Quantitative Information’) graph templates are included in a library, together with a data density meter to gauge the effectiveness of the graph.

For those who have to process statistics, GigmaStat is advisory statistical software which sports an Advisory Wizard. The Wizard can analyse data, recommend the test to run and run it. Using a general model, SigmaStat handles missing and unbalanced data, so the user is able to draw better conclusions. SigmaStat also checks that the data fits the underlying assumptions of the statistics model. If there is a violation, SigmaStat warns the user and calculates a more appropriate test.

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