AAI Corporation awarded $41.6 million contract

AAI Corporation, a subsidiary of United Industrial Corporation, has received a $41.6 million contract to produce 144 Joint Service Electronic Combat Systems Tester units.

United Industrial Corporation today announced that its AAI Corporation subsidiary has received a production contract for 144 units of its Joint Service Electronic Combat Systems Tester (JSECST).

The contract, awarded by the US Air Force aeronautical systems centre, is valued at $41.6 million.

The JSECST system, which is used to test electronic warfare and avionics systems in a range of aircraft, has been designated by the US Defence Department as the standard flight line electronic warfare test system, supporting all branches of the US military.

The JSECST program is managed by the US Air Force, and units are used by maintenance teams to test Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps aircraft. Last August, AAI Corporation was awarded an initial production contract by the US Air Force for 96 JSECST units valued at $26.3 million.

Under the latest contract, AAI will provide test program sets for use with JSECST hardware in support of F-15C, F-16, and A-10 aircraft and for AN/ALQ-184 and AN/ALQ-131 aircraft self-protection jammer pods.

The contract includes 65 Core Test Set units for the US Air Force, 76 for the US Navy and three for the Kuwait Air Force. Both the initial and the latest contracts include training and spare parts.