ABB signs 10-year agreement

ABB and the Dow Chemical Company have signed a 10-year, global strategic agreement to infuse Dow’s plants with a new generation of ABB Industrial IT technologies to link operations and enhance productivity.

‘We have worked very closely with Dow over the past several months to assess their operations and identify where there might be room for innovation and advancement of their process automation technology,: said Dinesh Paliwal, executive vice president and head of ABB’s process industries division. ‘We quickly discovered linking the operations with open architecture software and hardware would result in dramatic productivity and efficiency improvements.’

ABB assigned a devoted team of scientists, engineers and sales people to analyse and assess Dow’s complex operations. The team worked closely with Dow at locations around the world, eventually proposing an integrated solution for linking the myriad plants in Dow’s portfolio.

‘Dow has been a pioneer in the development and application of process automation,’ said Arnold Allemang, executive vice president of operations at Dow. ‘Historically, we have produced and supplied our own automation platform, known as the MODTM family of systems, because the commercial marketplace did not offer a solution that met our needs. We have made a strategic decision to now use a commercial offering for our automation needs.’

‘Dow must have a system providing high operational reliability and state-of-the-art engineering tools, which are not only critical to maintaining the performance of our production facilities, but will also enable us to explore new automation frontiers,’ continued Allemang.

The agreement, said ABB, is designed for 10 years and will be augmented and built up to suit Dow’s needs. It follows a similar agreement with Visy Industries, announced by ABB in April, linking in real-time the Australian pulp and paper company’s headquarters, production lines and corporate offices in Australia and the US.

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