Access and MontaVista to deliver embedded Linux Browser

MontaVista Software and Access have formed an alliance to pursue joint development and marketing activities.

As part of the alliance, Access will standardise on and promote MontaVista Hard Hat Linux as their embedded Linux platform; for its part, MontaVista will reference the Access NetFront browser.

Access offers the NetFront 2.6 Linux Software Development Kit (SDK) to speed integration of the NetFront browser into Linux-based Internet appliances and other non-desktop applications.

The Access embedded browser NetFront and Compact NetFront, which is the micro browser based on CompactHTML standard, garner a large share of the Japanese market. More than 18 million commercial software licenses have been shipped for use in more than 94 different consumer information appliances.

Hard Hat Linux, from MontaVista, is based entirely on the standard Linux kernel and open-source components. It is royalty-free and optimised for embedded applications, including communications infrastructure and Internet appliances.

The Hard Hat Linux CDK 1.2 is available immediately for all platforms via ftp at

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