Access improved with new InTouch software

Wonderware has introduced Terminal Services for InTouch 7.1, allowing InTouch to be installed once on a central server then executed multiple times.

Utilising a thin client approach, users throughout the enterprise will be able to access, visualise and interact with real-time human-machine interface (HMI) information from InTouch 7.1, without the need for a full-blown InTouch installation resident on their local computer.

Terminal services for InTouch 7.1 operates on the mainframe paradigm, by leveraging the power of Windows 2000 terminal services. Each thin client, which could be a personal computer terminal or an embedded terminal device, realises its own Windows 2000 session and operates independently from the other clients. Each client user gets a dedicated share of memory, some slices of CPU time, and access to the terminal server’s disks and applications as allowed. As the number of thin clients grows, the number of servers can grow as well.

When a thin client is powered up, it looks onto the Windows server. In addition to giving client access to the server’s resources, Windows also creates a virtual display. This is then transferred to the client and is displayed on the local monitor or touchscreen. The client also takes input from the user and sends it back to the server.

Wonderware UK Distribution: Pantek