Accuracy in confined spaces

The introduction by Kerk Motion Products of the Mini ScrewRail could give designers the precision they need when accurate positioning in confined spaces is a primary design objective.

Kerk Motion Products has recently introduced a miniature addition to its ScrewRail linear actuator line. The entire ScrewRail line features a compact design for linear motion applications requiring extra guidance and support.

Originally available with outside diameters of 0.500′, 0.750′ and 1.00′, the Mini ScrewRail is available in a 0.375′ outside diameter. It said to be ideal for medical, data storage, semiconductor and photonics equipment applications where accurate positioning in a confined space is a primary design objective.

The Mini ScrewRail utilises Kerk’s Kerkote TFE coating on both the lead screw and guide rail, minimising drag torque and extending wear life. In addition, Kerkite high performance polymers make the entire assembly self-lubricating and maintenance-free.

As with the larger ScrewRails, the Mini ScrewRail is available with a wide range of screw leads, in both standard and self-compensating anti-backlash assemblies. All Kerk ScrewRails are available with standard mounting configurations, or can be modified to fit a customer’s specific design needs.