Accuracy not compromised by speed

Pullmax claims its Virtek LaserQC is the fastest 2D-measuring tool on the market. Its speed does not compromise its accuracy, which is to within ±0.05mm.

The equipment is capable of measuring components in less than a minute, saving time spent on inspection and also instantly reverse engineers parts for which there are no CAD files, saving valuable programming time.

The equipment works by a Class IIIA laser beam tracing a profile placed on the glass bed and producing a scanned image which can be selectively measured or compared to a DXF. Any missing features or problems with accuracy are easily identified by colour coded prompts or alternatively highlighted on an inspection report and drawing,

LaserQC is developed for use on the shop floor as it eliminates the effects of temperature change and movement by calibrating itself before every scan. By introducing the password-protected machine on the shop floor, operators are able to integrate quality into the production process after only half a days training.

Other features on LaserQC include a Statistical Process Control option which provides data to monitor the condition of machinery and the production process, and an automation facility which scans, inspects and exports without having to touch the controls.

LaserQC offline software allows CAD programmes to be independently checked before reaching the shop floor, intercepting errors reaching further value adding stages.