Accurate measurement

Matsushita Electric Works has enhanced its range of measurement sensors by introducing the SUNX GP-A Series eddy current technology displacement sensor.

Based around a DIN rail mounted compact amplifier unit that is available with up to five types of sensing head, the sensor offers measurement ranges between 0 to 5mm and resolution can be accurately resolved down to 0.04% of the full scale.

The controller offers a number of important features including zero point adjustment, which can be set either on the controller itself or remotely via an externally connected switch, allowing the output to be zeroed at any time. This is particularly useful for comparative checking for offsets. An analogue output of either 0-5V or 4-20mA is available for other intelligent devices such as a digital panel controller that will show target displacement on a numerical display.

Other useful features include LED based indicators informing of ALARM (sensor head damage) and OVER (sensing range exceeded) conditions. Furthermore, fine-tuning of the analogue output can be realised using span and shift adjusters.

Examples of applications for this type of sensor include thickness measurement of sheet metal and gap measurement between pinch rollers.