Accurate steam controls help Moy Park keep its roast chickens juicy

Highly accurate Spirax Sarco steam controls play a vital role in an advanced new oven used to roast chicken at Moy Park’s Grantham factory. Two pneumatically-actuated Spirax Sarco KE control valves reduce the pressure from the plant’s steam distribution main to 3 ± 0.1 bar g before it reaches the oven, regardless of changes in the required flow rate.

“We need precise control and the Spirax Sarco valves deliver it,” says a Moy Park spokesman.

The oven, part of a £3 million expansion at the site, cooks ready-to-eat roast chicken, which is bound for the supermarket shelves. To cater for different recipes, the oven has two main roasting zones and several intermediate chambers. Steam humidifies these chambers to keep the chicken moist.

When selecting its supplier, Moy Park looked for a combination of quality products and the right organisation to back them up. “We use Spirax Sarco equipment extensively throughout our steam systems,” says the Moy Park spokesman. “A lot of companies will sell you equipment but won’t provide proper back up, but we know we can always rely on Spirax Sarco to attend to our needs if we call.”

The spokesman continues: “We have a similar oven fitted with Spirax Sarco steam controls in one of our Irish plants. We essentially copied that set up because it’s already working so successfully over there. We’ve had no problems with the Spirax Sarco equipment since we started up the Grantham oven a few months ago.”

The control valves are part of an order for £17,000 of Spirax Sarco equipment that also included Direct In-line Variable Area (DIVA) flowmeters. The meters help to monitor the cost of the roasting process by measuring the steam flow to the oven’s cooking zones. This helps Moy Park to price its products competitively.

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